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Paradise Ultra Plus


Paradise Ultra - 40 packs 40 Pills (1 pill per pack) - Best Male Sex Pill Ever 

One of our top products is Paradise Ultra Plus pills. Paradise Ultra Plus pills is for male enhancement and comes in an easier to swallow capsule form. This makes it a little easier to take for people with trouble swallowing tablets like La Pepa Negra. Paradise ultra plus  helps to achieve a very hard erection, and more sexual stamina for up to 72 hours. These are sold in packs of two pill per pack for added value.
Take 1 pill 30-60 minutes prior to sex. Effects last up to 72 hours. Do not exceed more than one pill per 48 hours.
Sea Horse, Deer Whip, Tortoise Shell, Geucommia Bark, Tribulus Fruit
Function :
1) Enrich Sperm 
2) Prolong Erection Time 
3) Enhance Sexual Pleasure 
4) No Side Effect 
1) Super Energy High Concentration 
2) Enhance Sexual Power 
3) Eliminate Sexual Fatigue 
4) Safely Take Medicine with More Noticeable Effect 
5) Promote Secondary Development Pure Natural Herbal Extract 
6) Quickly Enhance Sexual Power Keep Long Lasting Erection Without Premature.
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